Cinco De Mayo Box

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Holiday Box Bundle

Subscription for six major holidays. Never worry about forgetting to order your holiday box again.

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2020 Elf Box Pre-Orders are here!

Grab yours now during our lowest pricing of the year.

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Elf Birthday Box

by The Confetti Box

$25.00 $30.00

Bring the Elf magic back for your child's birthday!

Our Elf Birthday Box has everything you need for a complete Elf birthday setup to celebrate your child's birthday.

Elf Birthday Box includes:

  • Elf Sized "Happy Birthday" Banner
  • Elf Sized Party Hat
  • Elf Sized Birthday Cake
  • Elf Sized Balloon Bouquet
  • Elf Sized Presents
  • Elf's Noisemaker
  • Scavenger Hunt Kit (use for your child's birthday gifts, or just a fun surprise on their birthday morning)
  • Happy Birthday Letter from Elf to your child


**Elf Birthday Boxes will start shipping on January 6th**

2020 Silly Elf Box

$55.00 $70.00

Pre-Order your 2020 Silly Elf Box during our lowest pricing of the year!

The Silly Elf Box will include 25 days worth of accessories and setups for your Elf.  Elf's will NOT be included.

This 2020 Silly Elf Box will contain different accessories and setups than the 2018 or 2019 Silly Elf Boxes.

**We have updated our shipping procedure and all Elf Boxes will begin shipping October 1, 2020.**

2020 Extravagant Elf Box

by The Confetti Box

$130.00 $150.00

New this year is our Extravagant Elf Box! 

Do you want those picture-perfect, Instagram worthy Elf Setups?  This is the kit for you!

This kit will be reusable year after year.   It will have some silly setups that will make your child laugh, some cute setups that make your child "awwww", and some setups that will coordinate with other holiday traditions you might have as a family (holiday movie night, sleep under the tree night, Christmas light scavenger hunt, etc).  All printouts will be laminated and props will be durable so that you can keep using your kit for years to come.

**We have updated our shipping procedure and all Elf Boxes will begin shipping October 1, 2020.**

Our Customers Love Us

I always wanted to be one of those cute moms that did fun things around the holidays, but I just didn't have the time or the creativity.  But now, with The Confetti Box I feel so much better as a mom as I see the joy on my kid's faces.  The Confetti Box has helped my family create such fun memories together, and I'm so grateful for that.

by Tara Rounds

The Confetti Box is my holiday dream come true as a mommy.  To have the thought-work taken out of holiday memories for my kids is priceless in our family traditions.

by Angie Perry

These have changed holidays for my family forever!

by Ann Whetten

These boxes free up so much time that I can spend celebrating with my children.

by Natalie Hawkes