Multiple Elves Add-On Kit

$20.00 $25.00

Does the North Pole send more than one Elf to you each year?

If so, you'll most likely want to purchase this add-on kit that ensures you have enough supplies for all of the Elves in your home.

Each add-on kit supplies enough for one extra Elf.

Refer to the information below to decide how many add-on kits you'll need.

      • If you have 2 Elves - Purchase 1 Add-On Kit
      • If you have 3 Elves - Purchase 2 Add-On Kits
      • If you have 4 Elves - Purchase 3 Add-On Kits
      • and so forth....

This kit is designed to be purchased with a Silly Elf Box.  It will not have full accessories for each day.  Please do not purchase this Add-On Kit without also purchasing the Silly Elf Box.